Happiness Millionaire by Janet Jones | Book Review

It is often said that money can’t bring you happiness and if I were to be rich in anything I would certainly choose happiness. Happiness Millionaire is a guide to breaking out of the mindset of poverty and transforming your life. It promises to give to the tools to make your life R.I.C.H with satisfying relationships, income, confidence and health.

I am a natural sceptic. I am more likely to assume an author is writing with a financial motive than for the benefit of their readers. Yet I trust Janet Jones. She writes with a certain level of humility and a raw unedited honesty that allows me to stop my analytics and process her words with an open mind.

Reading the Happiness Millionaire feels like having a chat with a friend. And I don’t mean one a natter about the news or a catch up over coffee, I mean one of those long talks where you both unfold your inhibitions and and strip your vulnerabilities down to the naked components of you, your mind and your desires.

Whilst Janet beautifully retells the story of the conception of the book and the writing is concise and skilful, the main aim of the book is to present a set of thirteen images that you can return to when you feel your mindset needs realigning. I would have preferred these to be printed larger in the book to be able to fully engross myself in the details but they can also be purchased as a set of cards to keep in your bag.

The images may be a little lost on me but the metaphors behind them and the accompanying exercises appeal to the less visual learners amongst us. The tables included allow a logical and tangible way to work through your unconscious thoughts and create a record of your progress. Once again Janet Jones has provided for everyone as those who cannot bring themselves to write in a book (myself included) can access PDFs of the exercises on the accompanying website.


happiness millionaire book

Reading this book has not suddenly cured my depression and caused my happiness well to over flow. But what it has done is provided a resource I can return to when I need comfort and reassurance. Janet has typed hope onto the pages of Happiness Millionaire and her positivity can be absorbed by the reader as readily as the paper accepted the ink.

This book is going to naturally attract people with mental health problems and I feel it is necessary for me to point out the author is reluctant to get medical help and take antidepressants. Please, if you read this book and you are on medication or are considering getting help from your GP do not think that a self help book and Janet’s techniques are a replacement. This book could improve mental health but it is important not to feel this alone will effectively treat a diagnosed mental health problem.

What is your go to book for when your brain feels bloated and dark or you need a little pick-me-up?

Mother’s Day Lush Haul (and samples)


At the beginning of 2017 I was a complete Lush virgin. I am now an addict. I will browse the Lush website most days and this is my third order in as many months. As it is Mother’s Day I think I can be excused and I am sharing my Lush haul and samples with you in case you still need to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day Range

Mother's Day Lush products

Mum – Bath Bomb

This is the only product in the Mother’s Day range with an obvious ‘Mum’ theme. It contains orange, lemon and rose oil to create an inoffensive universal scent and the little surprise note in the middle is sure to make any Mum smile.

Your Mother Should Know – Bubble Bar

This is a great chunk of neroli and grapefruit scented, bubble making, brightly coloured loveliness. If I am being honest I bought this one because the name amused me. If I had a pound for the amount of times I have heard ‘ask your Mother, she will know’ in my life I would be able to buy many more bubble bars.

Scrubee – Body Butter

If heaven had a smell this would be it. I seem to have inherited my nose from my Mom – both figuratively and physically (unfortunately) – so I KNOW she is going to love this. I picked up two and I am now wishing I had grabbed more. Scrubee combines moisturising cocoa butter and ground coconut shell into a cute bee shaped solid butter. And did I mention it smells divine?

Permanent Range and Kitchen

Lush Haul

Floating Island – Bath Oil

Pumice Power – Foot Soap

Furze – Bath Oil (Kitchen Exclusive)

Hottie – Massage Bar


Lush haul samples

Trichomania – Solid Shampoo

Angels On Bare Skin – Fresh Clenser

D’Fluff – Strawberry Shaving Soap

Dirty – Toothy Tabs

Skin Drink – Moisturiser

Retread – Conditioner