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Mother’s Day Lush Haul (and samples)


At the beginning of 2017 I was a complete Lush virgin. I am now an addict. I will browse the Lush website most days and this is my third order in as many months. As it is Mother’s Day I think I can be excused and I am sharing my Lush haul and samples with you in case you still need to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day Range

Mother's Day Lush products

Mum – Bath Bomb

This is the only product in the Mother’s Day range with an obvious ‘Mum’ theme. It contains orange, lemon and rose oil to create an inoffensive universal scent and the little surprise note in the middle is sure to make any Mum smile.

Your Mother Should Know – Bubble Bar

This is a great chunk of neroli and grapefruit scented, bubble making, brightly coloured loveliness. If I am being honest I bought this one because the name amused me. If I had a pound for the amount of times I have heard ‘ask your Mother, she will know’ in my life I would be able to buy many more bubble bars.

Scrubee – Body Butter

If heaven had a smell this would be it. I seem to have inherited my nose from my Mom – both figuratively and physically (unfortunately) – so I KNOW she is going to love this. I picked up two and I am now wishing I had grabbed more. Scrubee combines moisturising cocoa butter and ground coconut shell into a cute bee shaped solid butter. And did I mention it smells divine?

Permanent Range and Kitchen

Lush Haul

Floating Island – Bath Oil

Pumice Power – Foot Soap

Furze – Bath Oil (Kitchen Exclusive)

Hottie – Massage Bar


Lush haul samples

Trichomania – Solid Shampoo

Angels On Bare Skin – Fresh Clenser

D’Fluff – Strawberry Shaving Soap

Dirty – Toothy Tabs

Skin Drink – Moisturiser

Retread – Conditioner

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